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Thin client

Zero client

What is Thin client ?

A thin client is a lightweight computer that has been optimized for establishing a remote connection with a server-based computing environment. The server does most of the work, which can include launching software programs, crunching numbers, and storing data. This contrast with a fat client or a conventional personal computer; the former is also intended for working in a client–server model but has significant local processing power, while the latter aims to perform its function mostly locally
Thin clients occur as components of a broader computing infrastructure, where many clients share their computations with a server or server farm. The server-side infrastructure uses cloud computing software such as application virtualization, hosted shared desktop (HSD) or desktop virtualization (VDI). This combination forms what is known as a cloud-based system where desktop resources are centralized at one or more data centers. The benefits of centralization are hardware resource optimization, reduced software maintenance, and improved security

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Simplify the desktop without compromise

To maximize the benefits of desktop virtualization, it’s important to simplify the desktop endpoints. hatron thin clients do just that by replacing typical Pc software stacks with an embedded OS that has been streamlined for access only. During normal operation, this lightweight software layer runs in a read-only mode which protects it from malware and tampering. Unlike zero clients, however, thin clients retain Pc-like utility with a read-write Admin mode for adding device drivers security updates, VPN, Office Viewers and more. For any local programs that might require semi-regular updates, hatron includes a filtering system which allows trusted updates to occur without exposing the entire software layer to unauthorized writes. Overall, hatron thin clients reduce overhead at the edge of the network without sacrificing the versatility you’ve come to expect from your typical business PC
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Improve productivity and workspace

Efficient integration

hatron thin clients are optimized for fast and easy access to desktop virtualization resources in the corporate cloud. Their small footprint software stack allows them to be remotely managed to minimize employee disruption. And stateless hardware means greater reliability, longevity and affordability
Reduce electricity use by 60%
Thin clients connect directly to the network, so there’s no need for a power-hungry Pc. Low heat and low power consumption reduce energy and cooling costs. In fact, electricity can be cut by at least 60% when compared to a traditional Pc and monitor setup
Seamless integration
hatron has partnered with leading desktop virtualization companies  to integrate a full suite of communication protocols
Built-in ICA, RDP and IE technologies make it simple to connect your users to your corporate cloud. Cloud devices can be deployed quickly and are available in a variety of sizes and form factors for maximum flexibility. 
With sensitive information centralized and secured in a business cloud (data center), your user environment is easier to deploy maintain and manage while being less vulnerable to security risks
Desktop virtualization alliances
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hatron thin client displays are VMware Ready
VMware Ready is a comprehensive validation program that ensures VMware-specified integration and interoperability requirements have been met. The result is reliable connectivity to VMware’s Horizon View (VDI) and Horizon Air (DaaS) cloud environments
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hatron thin client displays are Citrix HDX Ready. HDX Ready is a comprehensive validation program that ensures Citrix-specified integration and interoperability requirements have been met
The result is reliable ICA communication to Citrix Xen App Application Virtualization and Xen Desktop enhancements built in
HDX adds multimedia redirection (MMR) capabilities for a smooth video streaming experience, and USB redirection to expand peripheral support
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hatron thin client displays come with native WES 7P (Windows Embedded Standard 7 Pro) which has been optimized for cloud access. In addition to VMware and Citrix support, WES 7P includes RDP communication to Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services (RDS) with RemoteFX multimedia enhancements built-in. RemoteFX adds multimedia redirection (MMR) capabilities for a smooth video streaming experience, and USB redirection to expand peripheral support

what is zero client ?

While a traditional thin client is streamlined for multi-protocol client-server communication, it still contains a full operating system. A zero client makes use of very lightweight firmware that merely initializes network communication through a basic GUI (Graphical User Interface), decodes display information received from the server, and sends local input back to the host. A device with such simple functionality has less demand for complex hardware or silicon, and therefore becomes less prone to obsolescence. Another key benefit of the zero client model is that its lightweight firmware represents an ultra-small attack surface making it more secure than a thin client. Further, the local firmware is so simple that it requires very little setup or ongoing administration. It's the ultimate in desktop simplification but the trade-off is flexibility. Most mainstream zero clients are optimized for one communication protocol only. This limits the number of host environments that a zero client can provide its users with access to


Improve Employee Productivity and Workspace
hatron zero clients deliver high performance, since interaction with the server is hardware accelerated
And zero clients require very little on-site support, so most issues can be fixed remotely to minimize employee disruption
Strengthen Data Security

hatron zero clients are purpose built for VDI and DaaS access only which results in an ultra small software and hardware footprint at the desktop. With almost a zero attack surface, you can rest assured that your critical data is being accessed by a highly secure device
Reduce Electricity Use by 60%

Zero clients connect directly to the network, so there’s no need for a power-hungry PC. Low heat and low power consumption reduce energy and cooling costs.  In fact, electricity can be cut by at least 60 % when compared to a traditional PC and monitor 
Lower Support Cost

Intelligence is baked into the chip design on hatron zero clients, which eliminates the need for a traditional operating system
With virtually no OS, client side administration becomes a thing of the past. And stateless hardware means greater reliability, longevity and affordability
Peace of Mind

hatron displays are known for their reliability. We have the confidence to offer a 1-year warranty on all hatron zero clients. We also provide dedicated B2B technical support
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Follow Me Experience

Many of today’s business users such as clinicians, brokers and corporate executives require mobility. VDI and DAAS centralizes their data for greater transparency across various types of endpoint devices. With virtualized desktops centralized on a server-side host, users can now access their sessions from almost any device in any location. As they switch to a different device, they simply login to their virtual session from the new device, and their session follows them. Licensing and built in security features prevent users from having simultaneous sessions running on multiple devices. Because of our all-encompassing product portfolio hatron is able to offer users a seamless experience like no other. The corporate user can now stay productive while on the go by accessing their virtualized desktop from a Phone, Tablet or Zero Client
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All hatron zero clients are VMware Ready certified . VMware Ready is a comprehensive validation program that ensures customers that the products have passed VMware-specified integration or interoperability criteria .

category Guilds

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• Smart Care: Access, Efficiency and  Regulatory Compliant 
• EMR is centralized and secured behind the corporate firewall 
• Secure SSO (Imprivata) endpoint access that’s fast and easy
• Follow Me user sessions for access anywhere, on any device 
• Hi-res graphics for viewing ultrasound, X-ray and MRI images


• Nurses Stations 
• Emergency Rooms
• Patient Rooms/ Wards
• Admissions/ Administration
• Labs and Exam Rooms
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• Innovation, efficiency and security
• Multi-monitor for greater productivity
• Performance and hi-res streaming video
• Centralized data with secure endpoints
• All-in-One designs to free up workspace


• Bank Branches
• Trading Floors
• Customer Contact Centers
• General Offices
• Disaster Recovery Sites
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• Limit tampering/ theft with an  All-in-One design 
• Reduced set up, deployment and  service costs 
• Zero-out the desktop to maximize  VDI and DaaS investment 
• Smart usage
• Follow Me user sessions for hardwarefree  class changes 
• Secure SSO (Imprivata) access that’s  fast and easy


• Computer Labs
• Classrooms
• Libraries
• Administration
• Common Areas
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• Harden data security by centralizing  sensitive data to a secure cloud or data  center
• Reduce IT staff’s end-client workload to  allow focus on more critical  IT priorities 
• Improve employee productivity by reducing work space clutter 
• Provide high-resolution displays that can be adjusted to each employee’s needs


• State and Local Services
• Federal and Central Agencies
• Emergency Response Centers
• Military / Intelligence Analysis
• Remote Locations
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• Improve IT and employee productivity while cutting operating costs
• Create a more productive work environment with a clutter-free work space , high-quality monitors and ergonomic features for a more productive work environment
• Reduce IT service calls and centralize end-user computing
• Work more economically with dramatically lower electricity and support costs


• Customer Support Centers
• Administrative Offices
• Branch / Remote Offices
• Factories / Warehouses